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Some recommendations for people today who’re intending to reside in the USA or merely wish to see

Please don’t accept bad meal.

There is always stunning food in the USA, you simply need to locate it. Make sure you don’t consume junk food on your own entire check out and after that make a complaint that the meals was horrible!

Most main cities and towns, states and also zones have their own individual foods specialties. Lobster in Maine. New York is home for chicken wings. Giant Burritos in California. Grill in Memphis. Barbequed fish in the Western. Georgia apple cake.

Be sure to ask residents you meet for their eating place tips. Try the regional wine beverages or alternatively draught beer, plus the regional frozen treats as well!

In case you are going to a big urban center, you will discover really good food from all over the world. Food carts are gaining in popularity in many American urban centers as well. They usually provide seriously good foods for a lot less than the cafe total price.

Do not stress out about wardrobe.

Outside the considerable East Coast towns, the US is a really casual area. You’ll notice many people in workout clothing, sweats and additionally running shoes everywhere you look. A normal outfit in the States, for both women and men, is actually jeans, a T-shirt, shoes or boots, together with a wool cardigan, but it depends on the weather conditions. Just very good cafes require men to wear sports jackets.

Do some research on the regional climatic conditions within the times of the visit, and then pack comfortable clothing which might be suitable for the climatic conditions and also the fun-based activities you plan on doing. In the event you overlook something, you can buy it here (and if you are from Europe, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the affordable clothes rates!).

Never be afraid to discuss your lifestyle with American citizens.


They are not the most multicultural people. Some US citizens cannot spend the money for air travel or even time off work to travel in another country. Though, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to learn about where you originate from! You’ll find that a large percentage of US citizens are curious about your country.

If you’re not from western Europe or a major anglophone country, persons might not understand much regarding your country and even where it’s on a map. Do not take offense, just focus on day to day life (meal, work, education, the way it compares to the United States) and you’ll probably find lots of it. Don’t discuss governmental policies, religion, competition and money.

These tend to be absolutely excellent topics of conversation between pals and also family group. It would not be suitable to bring them up in conversation with an individual you just met. “Safe” topics of talk involve sporting events, weather conditions, films, popular music, magazines, fine art, traveling, hobbies and interests and then your thoughts of the US.